We are very sad to share the news that our beautiful therapy dog, Tilly, was put to sleep last Friday.  Her health had been deteriorating over the previous eighteen months or so and despite the best efforts of Pride Park Veterinary Hospital in Derby, and McMurtry and Harding in Ashbourne,  we were not able to save her.  We thank all the staff at both organisations who cared for her during this time.

Tilly was a remarkable dog: she was one of the first therapy dogs in the UK to be used in counselling sessions, offering comfort to hundreds of  children and young people over her 10 years of working.  Frances began to include Tilly in animal assisted therapy sessions  in 2007, during her time at CAHMS, pioneering its introduction to the NHS.  Tilly was featured in numerous press articles, and Frances was interviewed about her work with Tilly many times over the years by journalists and students researching AAT.  She even had her own Facebook page, with a following many humans would be envious of!

She has been buried under a weeping cherry tree in the garden and Church Farm, and will be sadly missed by us all.