Sunshine Ball a Huge Success!

Sunshine Ball, our first fundraising Ball, was held on Friday 22 September in the fabulous marquee at Osmaston Park, and raised the incredible sum of £12,000!

We were incredibly touched by the number of people in the community who offered their support either by donating goods or services, purchasing tickets and coming along to support the event,  or lending a helping hand before, during and after the Ball.

Many parents of children and young people who have used the service were among the guests and one asked our MC, Roy Sheppard, to share their story on the night, which was as follows:

“At the end of last year our world as parents turned upside down, when our child expressed words that no one ever wants to hear.  They wished they ‘were no longer alive’.  Their mental health spiralled very quickly as they struggled to cope with difficult emotions following a period of transition in their life.  Of course, as parents we tried to do everything we could to support them along with our amazing GP and their school.  Our child was referred to CAMHS by the GP where the initial outcome was a recommendation for NHS funded counselling through ‘Safe Speak’.  The first appointment was booked and could take place locally at school.  Our relief was short-lived; we were called to be advised the the counselling could no longer be offered locally, as the facility had been withdrawn.  The counselling could only be offered in Derby and unfortunately there was a 12 month waiting list.  We had a child who was trying to harm themselves and expressing suicidal thoughts – how could this be?  We talked to our GP who advised us of the excellent results she had seen from a therapy centre in Osmaston.

We were very fortunate when Nature and Nurture stepped in, and offered the crucial early intervention our child needed through a series of group therapy sessions; which helped them to develop emotional resilience, confidence and self esteem.  A year has passed and we have our child back and they are truly blossoming, looking ahead  to the future and happy again.  I am scared to think of the possible outcome if they hadn’t had the facility that Nature and Nurture were able to provide at the time.  We would still be waiting now for that other appointment.

Sadly many parents are faced with this dilemma and, indeed, we met so many parents with similar stories at Nature and Nurture.  We are so grateful for everything Nature and Nurture has done for our child, I don’t know where we would be without them.”

In the words of our patron, Lady Philippa Walker-Okeover, the event was “a triumph of an evening . . . all the different elements came together so well – the food was utterly delicious, the magician utterly brilliant, the Auction entertaining and the band was excellent, and above all such a lovely atmosphere”.  Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who contributed to making the evening such a huge success.

Here is a selection of images from the Ball