Every Little Helps!

A huge THANK YOU to Moore & Moore Beer and other musicians who have raised a fantastic £550 for us by collecting loose change at their Bandstand Busks at Mercia Marina this year – its amazing how the coins have added up, and just shows that small donations can accumulate and make a big difference.  Heartfelt thanks to all the visitors to the Marina who donated to us in appreciation of the great entertainment provided by the very talented musicians.
Duncan and Frances are pictured gratefully accepting a cheque from everyone involved last weekend, at the last Bandstand Busk this year.

Pictured from left to right are: Tony Preston, Manager at Mercia Marina; Kevin Goodall, musician; John Beer of Moore & Moore Beer; John Roden, musician; Karen Moore of Moore & Moore Beer; Steve Bowdey, musician; David Moore of Moore & Moore Beer; Steve Chester, musician; Duncan Robb and Frances Weston of Nature and Nurture CIC